How do I import other benefit data for P11D purposes?

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Once you have created your User Benefit addition headings, you can import data into these headings where the P11D box is ABCIJKLM or N. ie all benefits apart from AccommodationLoansMileage, and Vehicles.

To import other benefit data

  1. First create a spreadsheet of data with a column for Employment IDTaxable Benefit Amount, and optionally a Made Good column if any need recording. 


    If the P11D form shows a Made Good box, then include this in your file, even if all of the values are zero. Additional columns can be contained in the spreadsheet if desired.

  2. Save this spreadsheet in a .csv format. 
  3. Navigate to the Import Other Expenses and Benefits form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Expenses & Benefits> Import of Expenses and Benefits> Other Expenses
  4. Select the tax year you are dealing with (eg select 2019 for tax year ending 05/04/2019).
  5. Select the User Benefit Heading you are importing into.
  6. Select the Over write existing benefit data option if you want to throw away any existing data held against employees for this heading.


    If this data is just to be added to already existing data, leave this option unchecked.

  7. Click the Next button. You are asked to select your import file.
  8. Use the browser to find your file.
    • Once you have selected your file, you are asked how many header lines there are (ie rows not to be imported) and on which line you want headers displayed from.
    • You are now be presented with the Expenses and Benefits Import mapping window.
  9. Map each relevant column on the left to a field on the right.
  10. Click the Next button. You are presented with the contents of your file, and any validation errors.
  11. Click the Import button to import your data.



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