How do I create a mileage scheme?

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What is a mileage scheme?

When employees use their personal cars for work-related travel, excluding commuting to and from their regular workplace, they can log the miles traveled and be reimbursed based on a predetermined rate. This rate often takes into consideration factors such as fuel costs, wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance, and other expenses related to the use of the car.

Within Cintra iQ, you can create a mileage scheme if you are paying above HMRC rates for employees using their own car for business purposes. The amount above the HMRC rate is subject to tax and NI. The taxable amount would be recorded on a P11d and the NI on the amount is calculated via the payroll.
Name Description
Annual Allowance

Annual Allowance is an annual amount paid to an employee for using their own vehicle for business miles.

Mileage Payments

Mileage Payments are set amounts paid for each business mile an employee does in their own vehicle.

Passenger Payments

Passenger Payments are set amounts paid for each passenger for each business mile an employee does with a passenger in their own vehicle i.e. if an employee has two passengers and does 60 miles, a payment would be made for 120 units and the appropriate passenger rate.

How do I create a mileage scheme?

  1. Go to: Expenses & Benefits> Expenses Setup > Mileage Rates & Schemes. The Mileage Rates/Scheme definition window appears. 
  2. Click New. The New Mileage Rates/Scheme wizard appears.
  3. Enter a Code & Description for the mileage rate/scheme.
  4. Click Next. The Mileage Scheme window appears.
  5. Click the New button to create new addition headings for Annual AllowanceMileage PaymentsPassenger Payments or to use existing addition headings. The New Payment Heading form appears.
  6. From Mapping Use, select the heading you wish to map i.e. Annual Allowance.
  7. If you already have an addition heading created, select the Use existing addition heading option.
  8. Select the heading from the drop down.


    If you want to create a new addition heading, click the Create New Addition Heading option, enter the name of the addition heading in the field and then select the Reporting Group.

  9. Click the OK button. The Payment heading appears in the Scheme Details tab.
  10. Click the Rates tab. 
  11. Enter the Annual AllowanceMileage Payments, and/or Passenger Payment rates. You are now ready add employees to the scheme if they need to receive a regular allowance. 


    Repeat the above steps if you wish to create addition headings for Mileage Payments and Passenger Payments. 

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