How do I archive an individual system/customised report?

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To archive an individual system report

After you have run a system payroll report, you are presented with the Report window. Within the Report window, you can archive the report, print etc.
  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Reports.
  2. Select the desired payroll report and its details.
  3. Run the report. The report's window appears.
  4. Click the Archive button. The Report Archive form appears.
  5. Select either PDFCSV or XLS as the file type.
  6. Enter a comment describing the report.
  7. Select the Published check box to publish the report to Cintra Cloud. This is useful if you want users to view them any where and any time.
  8. Click the OK button. The archive is saved to the database and the report published to Cintra Cloud (if applicable).

For a customised report

 In order to archive a customised report, you must first add it to a Report Pack and select the To Archive as the Output Option before you can view it in the Report Archive.

To archive the customised report

  1. Navigate to the Report Packs window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Report Packs.
  2. Create the Report Pack details of the customised reports.
  3. Select To Archive in the Output Options tab.


    In order to distribute your reports to various locations, you can select multiple Output Options at the same time. You can publish each report in the Report Pack to Cintra Cloud by selecting the Published check box.

  4. Click the OK button. You are returned to the Report Pack definition window.
  5. Select the desired Report Pack that contains the customised reports.
  6. Click the Run button. The Report Pack-Select Payroll and Period form appears.
  7. Select the desired Payroll.
  8. Select the desired payroll period from the Report results for payroll period drop down.


    Select Publish if you have not selected Publish via the Report Pack's Output Option and decide to publish the reports within the pack to Cintra Cloud.

  9. Click the Run button. The Report Pack is sent to the Report Archive.

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