How do I set up pay spines?

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How do I set up pay spines?

In Cintra iQ, users are able to set up Pay Spines by: 
  • Creating the Pay Spine summary. 
  • Defining the Spine Point Details.
  • Associating a value to the Spine Point.

Step 1. Create the Pay Spine Summary

  1. Within Employee Settings, select Pay Spines. Right-click in the Navigator and select new. The Insert Pay Spine Wizard appears. 
  2. Enter the name, description, access level (where necessary) and select Pay Salaries Using Heading. Note: This is the Payment Addition Heading used when being paid via the Pay Spine. 
  3. Define the Increment Processing by selecting either Fixed Date (this date of incrementation is controlled by the user) or Anniversary (this date of incrementation is automatic).
  4. Enter the Minimum number of months at a spine point before increment value. Example: If an employee starts in March, and the next increment for staff is due in April would this member, if staff, be entitled to it?
  5. Select the Post date increment where minimum number of months not met? (where necessary). This gives the employee the increment once they had served the minimum number of months but not back date the award.
  6. Click the Next button. The Spine Point Details form appears. 

Step 2. Define the Spine Point Details 

  1. Right-click: New in the upper pane. The Insert Spine Point form appears. 
  2. Enter the Spine Point ID, Description and Increment Sequence. 
    Tip: Keep the IDs in sequential order so that they are easy to assign to Grades. e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  3. Click the OK button. The record appears in the upper pane. 

Step 3. Associate a value to the Spine Point

  1. Ensure the desired Spine Point record in the upper pane is highlighted.
  2. In the Spine Point History tab, right-click: New. The Insert Spine Point Values form appears.
  3. Enter the From and also the To Date (where applicable).
  4. Enter the Annual Salary, and an Hourly Rate (where applicable).
  5.   Note:

    An hourly rate can be calculated using functions within Adjustment Headings. But, it could be that a specific amount is required which cannot be achieved using a function calculation and therefore by entering it here you can use this amount instead of deriving it.

  6. Click the OK button. The Spine Point Value record is created and associated to the Spine Point.
  7. Continue to create the different levels of spine points and pay. Click the Finish button when satisfied all is complete.

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