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Within Cintra iQ, you can run a Monthly Contribution Reconciliation  (MCR) report. In order to do, ensure you follow the order of these steps to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

Set up the MCR data.

If this is the first month that you are running MCR, you must complete the setup steps first.  For more information, see How Do I Set up MCR?

Generate the MCR return data.

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Reports> Teachers Pension – Monthly Contribution Reconciliation
  2. Select the desired Employer.
  3. Select the desired month from the Return Period End.
  4. Click the Generate Return Data button. Depending on your current set up, the following message(s) may appear.
  1. Warning: There are no open payroll periods which cover the return month. Please ensure that there are available payroll periods for the return month you wish to generate data for. You may still generate the return, if required. Generate Return?
Click Yes to generate the return. Click No and change the month to the correct payroll period, then generate the return.
  1. All Post records as shown in the 'Employee Role Id' Tab must have a Role Id. The return may still be generated, but this data must be corrected and then the return regenerated before the final submission. Do you wish to continue? 
Click  Yes and navigate to the Employee Role Id tab and include the missing Role Ids.
  1. No return data was created. Please check that you have selected the required Employer and Reporting Month. You should also verify that Role Ids have been assigned to the Employee's Teaching Posts. (This message appears only when you generate the first month of the MCR data.)
  1. Cintra iQ was unable to determine a role rule for the following Employee(s).
    [employee id]
    Please check the validation message shown on the Employee's row in the Employee Role Id tab. Note: Refer to the Troubleshooting: MCR Errors within Cintra iQ for further trouble shooting tips.
For more information about generating MCR data, see How Do I Generate the Return Data in Cintra iQ?

Generate Role IDs.

Role ID is the marker for the post that is attached to the TPA record.  For more information about Role Ids, see What are Unique Role Identifiers?
  1. Navigate to the Employee Role Id tab.
  2. Click the Generate Role IDs button. A message appears stating:
"[number of role ids] have been generated and successfully saved to the database. Scroll right to the 'Record Status' column to see records which were updated."


You can not amend the Role Id once it’s been submitted to TPA.  If a change is required, you must notify TPA by email. For more information, refer to the Troubleshooting: MCR Errors within Cintra iQ as to how to make this change on your MCR file.



If an employee has two posts (or changes the post in the future) you can expect to see two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

  1. C1/R1
  2. C2/R1

Two contracts, one role: This means the employee has two posts, each pointing to an Expenses and Benefits contribution.

Scenario 2:

  1. C1/R1
  2. C1/R2

One contract, two roles: This means that the employee has two posts, but these are attached to one contribution line in the employee's Expenses and Benefits form. That line is open, and not attached to a specific post.

Review any data issues. 

Navigate to the Data Issues tab.
  1. Since the TPA and TPA Care schemes have differing pensionable pay,  a number of warnings are outputted to show the differences.  These are expected and you do not need to act on them.
  2. Any employees appearing here are suggesting you need to act, normally on the employee's Post set up or on their Expenses & Benefits form.
For more information about Data Issues, refer to the Troubleshooting: MCR Errors within Cintra iQ.

Verify the data.

Before producing the MCR file, balance the data in the MCR Summary tab against  All Pension Schemes Summary data.  If the data does not balance, refer to the Data Issues tab to resolve any issues.  If you still have problems, please contact Support via

Create the MCR file.

  1. Click the Generate MCR File button.
  2. Click the Save button.

Validate the MCR file

  1. Download template from your TPA portal. 
  2. Click the Reset Input Sheet. The data is cleared. You are prompted to import the MCR file. Note: This is the file you outputted at step 6.
  3. Import Cintra iQ's MCR file. The template is populated with the data.
  4. Click the Check Data and Continue to Section B button.  A message appears stating: There are [number] warning errors within the data entered. Note: Warning errors are coloured in orange. Do you wish to view these warnings errors  before continuing to Section B?
  5. Click the Yes button. 
  6. Click the Find Error button.
    1. If no errors occur:  continue to the next step.
    2. If errors occur: they are highlighted in red. Until these errors are address, you can't produce the file. Return to the MCR functionality within Cintra iQ,  update data where required and then regenerate the MCR file. See Step 6 above.
  7. Click the Find Warning button. This section highlights any data issues. Ensure the issues are resolved in the next month's submission. e.g. if the employer is on the incorrect percentage, or any overtime values are set up incorrectly. Note: Review the data issues carefully.
  8. Click the Check Data and Continue to Section B button. A message appears stating: There are [number] warning errors within the data entered. Note: Warning errors are coloured in orange. Do you wish to view these warnings errors before continuing to Section B? 
  9. Click the No button. The Section B: Total Contributions Summary appears.
  10. Ensure that the total contribution matches the figure in the All Pension Schemes Summary data within Cintra iQ.
  11. If all cells in the Section B: Total Contributions Summary page are green, check the Submission Declaration check box.
  12. Click the Click here to check and save the output file button. A validation message appears to confirm that the MCR value is correct. 
  13. Click the OK button. A confirmation message appears stating that there are [number] warning errors within the data entered. Do you wish to continue.
  14. Click the Yes button.  The Windows directory is opened, prompting you to save the validated MCR file.
  15. Upload the MCR file to the TPA portal. Note: For more information about the TPA Portal, contact the TPA website.

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