How do I set up policy documents?

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Cintra iQ Self-Service allows you to provide your employees with online access to your company's policy documentation.
Managing the policies is separated into two areas: Cintra iQ and Cintra Self-Service. You can set up the policy document's details in Cintra iQ and administer the policies in Self-Service. For more information, see the Policy Document check list.
Each time a new company policy document must be issued to your employees, the Documents in Self-Service module allows you to set up the policy's details to appear in the Self-Service interface along with the policy.

About the Document List window

Within the Document List window, you can perform the following:
  • Create a list of Documents.
  • Edit the details of a Document.
  • Delete a document from the Document List.
Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Documents in Self-Service> Document List

About the Document Setup window

Name Description
The name of the policy. This title appears in the Self-Service Documents page.
A folder that contains documents with shared characteristics.
The version number of the policy. e.g. 111.01. Note: The version number can be presented as a xxx.xx format or less.
Acceptance Required
Check this to enable the Accept button on the document in Self-Service.
Rejection Allowed
Check this to enable the Reject button on the document in Self-Service.
Visible in Self-Service from
The date on which the policy document goes live. This field can be set in advance. Note: To keep the start date open ended, leave this field blank.
to Date
The date on which the policy document expires. Once the policy expires, it cannot be viewed in Self-Service. Note: To keep the expiration date open ended, leave this field blank.
Use the browse button to locate the document you wish to upload into the Cintra iQ database.
The name of the file. eg Internet policy
Document Extension
The Filename's extension.
The purpose of the policy. Note: The description is not visible in Self-Service.


Once the document details are entered into the Cintra iQ Documents in the Self-Service module, you should send the electronic copies of the policies to your IT department who will upload them to the Self-Service web server in the following location:\Resources\Documents\. This folder is created automatically upon installation.


About the Document Visibility window

You can assign one or more documents to a Self-Service role so that different employees can read different documents. e.g. Payroll users of Self-Service would need different policies to HR administrators. When the employee who has the role opens Policy Documents in Self-Service, they are able to read the document(s) when necessary.
Within this window you can perform the following:
  • Select an Employment State.
  • Select a Self-Service Role.
  • Assign documents to the Self-Service Role.
Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Documents in Self-Service> Document Visibility
Name Description
Employment Status:

This drop down displays the state of employment to which the document is related: EmployedGrace PeriodPost Employment, and Pre-Employment.

Service Role:

This drop-down displays the list of Roles created in Self-Service> Edit Roles

Self-Service Documents pane: This pane contains a list of the available documents. 
Documents Visible to Self-Service Role:

This pane contains the documents you wish to assign to a Role. They will be viewed in Self-Service> Policy Documents.

More Information

How do I set up the policy's details?

  1. Navigate to the Document List window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Documents in Self-Service> Document List
  2. Click the New button. The Document Setup window appears.
  3. Enter the document’s title.
  4. Select the category to which the document belongs.
  5. Enter a Version number.
  6. Check the Acceptance Required check box, if necessary.
  7. Check the Rejection Allowed check box, if necessary.
  8. Enter a Visible from date.
  9. Enter a Visible to date, if necessary.
  10. Browse for the desired Document.
  11. Enter a Filename.
  12. Enter a Description.
  13. Click the OK button. The document record is created. Note: You can view the contents of the file by clicking the View File button.

How do I assign document's to self-service?

  1. Navigate to the Document Visibility window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Documents in Self-Service> Document Visibility
  2. Select the desired Employment Status.
  3. Select the desired Self-Service Role. The associated documents appear in the Self-Service Documents pane.
  4. Add the desired document to the Documents Visible to Self-Service Role pane.
  5. Click the OK button. The documents are now visible to those Self-Service users who have the selected role.

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