How do I set up pension scheme provider details?

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Cintra iQ will allow you create  different pension scheme types to enable the correct deductions from both employees and employers contributions. These schemes are linked to payees for payment and provision of output files. They are also linked as appropriate to the pension auto-enrolment functionality so that this process can be managed efficiently.


If you are using a new provider you should first set up their third party details prior to setting up the pension scheme. If you don’t set up the pension provider's third party details, you will need to come back to the pension scheme set up later.


To set up the provider details 

  1. Navigate to the Third Party Associations window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Third Party Associations
  2. Click the New button. The New Third Party dialog appears.
  3. From the Type drop down list, select Pension Scheme Provider.
  4. In the Name field, enter the third party's name.
  5. Press Enter on your keyboard. The Next button becomes active.
  6. Click the Next button. The Pension Scheme Provider window appears.
  7. Enter the Contact Details in the Main Details tab.


    The Pension Schemes tab is read-only. The Schemes and Contributions are entered in the scheme setup.

  8. Click the Payment Settings tab.
  9. Set the desired Payment Date.
  10. Enter the Payment Type details.


    This allows the Third Party payments functionality to create a BACS file if appropriate, which is why the payment due date is entered along with the relevant bank details.

  11. View any payments made in the Payment History tab.
  12. Attach the file format for the provider file in the Other Settings tab.
  13. Click the OK button. 


  Edit Third Party Definitions

To edit third party definitions, navigate to the Third Party Definitions window. Select the desired definition, click the Open button and make the changes.

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