MCR: How does Cintra iQ treat FTE annual salaries held against teaching posts?

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Single Post

Within a Post History record, all standard pensionable payments within the record are treated as belonging to the same contract and are summed to form the annual FTE salary.

  Good to Know

Philippa has one post that has a normal spine point salary of £41,856.00 per year. She has also been given an additional responsibility payment under that post of £5,000.00 a year. Therefore, the two payments, held under the same post, are summed to form an annual salary of £46,856.00.

Multiple Posts

If the employee holds more than one post concurrently, the FTE annual salary for the posts that have the same role identifier will be summed.


By default, any concurrent employee posts in Post History with distinct role identifiers are treated as separate contracts. However, within each post/contract, there can also be multiple payments which will be summed, as described for a single post.

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