MCR: How do I treat employees with a single contract/role?

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single contract/role

Single employment = contract + single role which has a single Teachers’ Pension contribution.

How is this reported in Cintra iQ?

This will report as a single row in the MCR file, with a single full time salary figure and the single role identifier.

Does the pension contribution record need to be attached to the particular post?

No, but the pension contribution record applies to all payments made to the employee.

What if additional hours are worked?

If additional hours are worked, then by definition, these hours would be overtime, and should be recorded against the single employee in their post record as overtime.

What if my employee has multiple employee in post records that represent additional responsibilities?

You can assign a role identifier to an add on contract when necessary. This is used when the employee has a single contract but also has additional responsibilities.
Additional responsibilities are represented by a main employee in post record, with additional responsibilities represented by separate employee in post records. For example, Biology Lecturer with additional responsibility for Student Liaison.


You can use the same contract/role identifier and select the add-on contract with the additional responsibilities.


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