MCR: How do I regenerate the roles IDs?

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You can regenerate the Role Ids up to and including the MCR Submission date if necessary, to populate a blank Role ID.

To regenerate role ids

  1. Navigate to the Teachers Pension-Monthly Contribution Reconciliation window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Reports> Teachers Pension-Monthly Contribution Reconciliation.
  2. Select the desired Employer.
  3. Select the desired Return Period End date.
  4. Perform either of the following:
    • If it's the current Return period, click the Generate Return Data button.
    • If it is the current Return period, click the Retrieve Return Data button.
  5. In the Employee Role Id tab, click the Generate Role Id button. The Role Ids that correspond to the Role Rules are refreshed in the Role Id column. 
    The records are updated to the database and the changes are flagged in the Record Status column.


Once the MCR has been regenerated for the first month, Role Ids which have already been submitted to Teachers Pension, can only be amended after selecting the Edit Role Id check box and must be conveyed to Teachers Pension Administration by email.


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