What are timesheet claim tasks?

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The Timesheet Claims menu option in Cintra iQ can be used to post Self-Service Timesheets Claims to Payroll and view previously posted claims.
The Timesheet Groups and Timesheet Heading Sets set up in Cintra iQ's Timesheet module controls the Timesheet claims within Self-Service for those employees who are in a single post or who have multiple posts. After an employee's claim is submitted for approval and is accepted within Self-Service Timesheets, the employee's manager posts the claim and Payroll processes  the Timesheet claim for payment in Cintra iQ.

How do I post timesheet claims?

  1. Navigate to the Timesheet Claims window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Input> Timesheet Claims
  2. Select the desired Timesheet Group
  3. Select the desired Payroll.
      • The current period of the payroll is displayed.
      • All unposted, approved claims for employees in that payroll, are available for posting into the current payroll period.


        The claims can be viewed prior to posting and deselected if you do not want to post a particular claim.

  4. Select the Post Claims into Current Payroll Period option.
  5. Select the Accept Claims Beyond End of Period option, if necessary.


    Employees must be assigned to a payroll before their claims can be posted.

  6. Select Limit Posting to Claims up to Timesheet Period End and select the period, if necessary.
  7. Click the Next button. The Claims to be Posted into [ Payroll name+ date] window appears. Any claims available for posting are displayed and by default, are checked for posting to payroll (in column Post to Payroll).


    Timesheet claims cannot be un-posted. Any period input amounts created via a timesheet claim posting, can be deleted if necessary, but the timesheet claim itself will still be marked as having been posted.

  8. Continue to process the claim by using the buttons at the bottom of the Claims to be Posted into [Payroll + Date] window. For more information, see Claims to be Posted Buttons.

How do I filter claims?

The claims can be filtered by selecting a value in a cell and double clicking on the value. To view only the claims for a particular employee, find the relevant employment id in the Empt Id column, and double-click it.


When posting claims, claims cannot be filtered. To post only a subset of claims, use the checkbox in column Post to Payroll to select and deselect claims to be posted.


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