How do I run auto enrolment assessments?

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Cintra iQ has an Auto Enrolment (AE) facility, which takes you through the process of amending a pension scheme set up, defining which payment headings are pensionable and which headings are classed as Qualifying Earnings, running an assessment, and enrolling employees into the relevant Auto Enrolment scheme. Cintra iQ can also manage Opt ins and Opt outs.
From Staging Date onwards, for every pay period you will need to assess your employees to identify any employees who need to be auto enrolled. Once you have entered all period input and performed a full payroll calculation, you can create assessments to identify the categories of employees.


You will need to assess your employees at least once during the pay period but you can re-run the assessment as often as required.



To assess employees

  1. Navigate to the Pension - Auto Enrolment window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Pensions> Auto Enrolment
  2. Select the desired Payroll
  3. Select the desired Period.
  4. Click the Assess button. 
    1. The Assessment Audit tab contains a summary of all employees assessed.


      No amendment to employees can be made within this tab.

    2. Any Eligible job holders who need to be enrolled in the selected pay period appear in the Employees to be Enrolled tab.
    3. All employee types who have had a change in status or who require a communication, will be displayed within the Communications/Status Changes tab, even those Eligible job holders you have just enrolled, as they will require a communication informing them of their enrolment or status.
    4. Any employee types who have chosen to join a pension scheme will be displayed in the Opt In and Requests tab.


Within all tabs you can filter your results by double-clicking on a particular employee.


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