How do I define ordinary and bonus pay for gender pay gap reporting?

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How do I classify addition headings?

Before you create a snapshot, you can define which payment headings make up Ordinary pay or Bonus pay by classifying each relevant payment heading as Ordinary or Bonus. You can review and amend this using the Gender Pay Gap - Addition Heading Classification window.
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These payment headings  are set up in Payroll> Payroll Setup> Adjustments> Addition Headings.

Gender Pay Classification

Select any pay element that should be included as Ordinary Pay or Bonus Pay.

Addition counts towards GPG Weekly Hours Applicable to Units & Rates Addition Types only. Picks up actual hours worked from a payment heading. For more information, see How are normal Weekly Hours established? below.
The snapshot extract sums all amounts of pay due to the employee under these headings. Once the pay is summed, it is converted into a weekly amount of pay.

Annual Bonus

When the snapshot is created, payments made under Bonus headings during the year leading up to the snapshot date, will be summed to form the annual bonus figure for each employee.


You can also classify Ordinary payment and Bonus for individual payment headings within Cintra iQ's Addition Headings. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll Payroll Setup Adjustments Addition Heading


How is Ordinary pay converted into Weekly pay?
Ordinary Pay is converted as a weekly amount of pay as follows:
Payroll Periodicity Period Pay to Weekly Pay Conversion


(Period Pay/30.44) x 7 days


Period Pay

Fortnightly Period Pay /2
Period Pay 4

How is Bonus pay converted to Weekly Bonus pay?

The same calculation is applied to period bonus pay. However, for Bonus payments in the period, the dates recorded against the bonus payment are used to pro-rata the bonus where the dates extend longer than one period. 


If a quarterly bonus of £1500 was given to an employee during the snapshot period, and the dates recorded against this bonus payment were 01/02/2017 – 30/04/2017, then the weekly bonus pay will be calculated as: 1500 / 90 day x 7 days = £116.67.

If you have awarded bonus payments in the snapshot period but the dates against the payment are not reflective of the time the payment was due, then you may need to override the weekly bonus pay in the snapshot extract.

How are normal Weekly hours established?

Normal weekly hours are worked out for each employee by looking for the following data in this order:
  1. The contracted weekly hours field recorded via the working pattern record for the employee.
  2. The weekly hours as specified by a working pattern recorded for the employee.
  3. The weekly hours specified by the default working pattern for the payroll.
Alternatively, if an employee does not work normal  hours, you can specify within the Gender Pay Gap - Addition Heading Classification window one or more payment headings from which actual hours, entered during the snapshot period, can be picked up. 

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