How do I upload a single document into Cintra iQ?

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To upload a single document

  1. Navigate to the employee's Related Documents window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Personnel Record> Forms> Related Documents
  2. Navigate to the Uploaded Documents tab.
  3. Right-click: New. The Upload New Document form appears.
  4. Select the Document Category.
  5. Browse for the document. The Document Extension is automatically entered.
  6. Select whether the document is to be visible in Self-Service.
  7. Change the Description, if necessary.
  8. Click the OK button. The document is uploaded to the Cintra iQ database and can be viewed in the Uploaded Documents tab and/or in Self-Service.


    You can view the contents of a document by selecting it in the Documents Uploaded for this Person pane and clicking the Open Document button.

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