How do I enter contact information for an employee?

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A new starter within Cintra iQ needs to have both a Personnel Record and an Employment Record. You can create Personnel Records for people who are not employees eg contractors, trainers, job applicants etc. An employee will only have one Personnel Record, but may have several Employment Records if they have had more than one period of employment.
For each period of employment, a new Employment Record needs to be created with a unique Employment ID number. If any of the personal information has changed for the employee, you can update the existing Personnel Record rather than create a new record. You will hold a Personnel Record for every person you want to record in the system. 
In order to create a new starter, you need to Create/Identify Personnel records. When creating a new Personnel Record, you can use the Insert People Wizard, which guides you to enter the person identifier and personal information. The minimum requirement for a Personnel Record is the data on the Personal Details form. Additional information can be entered or viewed using the other forms listed in the Cintra iQ layout. 

To enter the employees' contact information

Enter the employee's details.

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Personnel Record> Contact Information> Person's Contact Details tab.
  2. Enter the employee's Address information.
  3. Enter their Telephone and Fax information.
  4. Enter their Email information.
  5. Click the Apply button to save.

Enter the details of one or more of the employee's points of contact.

  1. Go to the Contact Point tab.
  2. Right-click: New in the Contact Points pane. The Insert Contact Point form appears.
  3. Enter the desired information.
  4. Click the OK button. The Contact Points record appears in the pane.

Define any dependants the employee may have

  1. Go to the Dependants tab.
  2. Right-click: New in the Dependants pane. The Insert Person Dependant form appears.
  3. Enter the desired information. Note: You can create the dependant type via Definitions> Lookup Table> Dependant Type. For more information about Lookup Tables, see How Do I Add a Lookup Table?
  4. Click the Apply button button to save.

Click the OK button to exit.


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