What is a statutory parental bereavement pay claim?

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What is a statutory parental bereavement pay claim?

A statutory parental bereavement pay claim is a request for government-regulated financial support from an employer to an employee who has lost a child. This support is part of the statutory parental bereavement leave and pay entitlements in places like the UK.

Employees who lose a child under 18 or experience a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy are eligible. They can take up to two weeks of paid leave, with the pay rate set by the government and based on a flat rate or a percentage of average earnings.

Employees must notify their employer of their loss and intent to take leave, often with specific timing requirements and may need to provide documentation, like a death certificate. The leave can be taken in one two-week block or two separate one-week blocks. This provision aims to offer financial and job security, allowing grieving employees time off without financial stress.

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