How do I calculate sick pay?

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All sickness records for an employee are entered and maintained via the CalendarStatutory Sick Pay and Occupational Sick Pay will be paid automatically once a calendar entry for sickness has been made providing the employee has sick pay entitlement.
After entering sickness calendar events for your employees and assuming that all of these employees have been entered into an Occupational Sick Pay Scheme, you can perform a normal Payroll Calculation which will calculate entitlement based on length of service and previous sickness history.


If, on all of the input records you are accepting the defaults in terms of employee working patterns, etc. then the calculation process can be performed after all payroll input.


To calculate sick pay

  1. Click the Calculate icon on the tool bar. The Payroll Calculation window appears.
  2. Select either the desired Individual or Payroll.
  3. Click the Calculate button. A message appears if the calculation has produced exceptions.
  4. Continue accordingly. The calculation appears on the employee's payslip.

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