Check List ✔ - Cintra iQ and Self-Service Timesheets

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Use the Cintra iQ and Self-Service Timesheets check list to keep track of your timesheet tasks.

Set up Cintra iQ

Task Link
  1. Set up timesheet groups and heading sets.

  2. Assign cost codes rules to an addition heading.

  3. Assign a timesheet group definition and a timesheet heading set to a post

What are Timesheet Groups and Headings?

Timesheet Tasks within Cintra iQ


Use within Self-Service 


Task Link
  1. Add a claim on behalf of an employee.

  2. Approve a claim.

  3. Reject a claim.

  4. Submit the Timesheet to Payroll.

Self-Service Timesheets - Employee overview

Self-Service Timesheets - Employee tasks 


Task Link
  1. Approve one or more claims through the current/historical claims list. 

  2. Through a single employee claim. 

Self-Service Timesheets - Manager overview

Self-Service Timesheets - Manager tasks 


Use within Cintra iQ

Task Link
Process Timesheet Claims 

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