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An entitlement period will be specified as a fixed year starting on a particular day of a particular month.

A new starter needs to have a Personnel Record and an Employment Record. You can create Personnel Records for people who are not employees eg contractors, trainers, job applicants etc. An employee will only have one Personnel Record, but may have several Employment Records if they have had more than one period of employment.

For each period of employment, a new Employment Record needs to be created with a unique Employment ID number. If any of the personal information has changed for the employee, you can update the existing Personnel Record rather than create a new record.

To create a new starter

Perform the following main tasks:

  1. Create/Identify Personnel records. When creating a new Personnel Record, you can use the Insert People Wizard, which guides you to enter the person identifier and personal information. For more information about how to create a new Personnel Record, see How Do I Create Personnel Records?
  2. Create/Identify Employment records. When creating a new Employment Record, you can use the Employee Wizard, which guides you to enter the basic information required. This information includes Employment Details, Time Management, and Post History. For more information about how to create a new Employment Record, see How Do I Create a New Employment Record?

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