How do I create an absence analysis extract/definition?

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How do I create an absence analysis definition?

  1. Navigate to the Absence Analysis Definitions window.
    Go to Cintra iQ> Tools> Absence Reporting> Absence Analysis
  2. Click the New button. The Absence Analysis Extract Definitions window appears.
  3. Enter the title of the Definition in the Dimensions tab.
  4. Select a Dimension.


    A Dimension is a Cintra iQ field that you want to group your analysis by (e.g. Organisation Unit.)

  5. Define the Time Periods.


    You can define any period or periods of time you need.

    1. Right-click New in the Time Periods tab. The Absence Analysis - Time Period form appears.
    2. Enter a Description.
    3. Enter a From date.
    4. Enter a To date. 
    5. Click the OK button.


  6. Select Exclusions.


    You may want to exclude certain types of absence from your analysis extract. In addition, this dialog allows you to specify if you want Employer's NI and/or Pension contributions included in Cost Calculations.

  7. Select Record Filters.


    Extracts don't obey Navigator filters, so if you want the extract to be filtered to a certain set of employees, you must specify filters here.

  8. Select Dimension Data Filters


    When gathering data for the specified dimension(s) of your definition, it may be that you need to filter the gathered data. For example, you may have specified Job Category as a dimension, and you only want to gather this data for the employee’s main post and not any additional posts that they may hold.

  9. Click OK to save the definition.

Before an analysis report can be produced, an Extract must be created.

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