Release Notes (2022)

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Welcome to the Cintra Cloud Release Notes.

Your go-to source for staying informed about the latest developments. Our release notes offer a concise overview of all new features, resolved issues, and known challenges in the most recent version of Cintra Cloud. 


November 2022

Document Management

Viewing PDFs

Now, within Related Documents' Uploaded Documents tab, the ability to view pdf documents uploaded against an employee record has been restored in the new server environment. You can view PDFs via the View Document button. 

Any other types of documents will still need to be saved to a local folder in order to view.

Go to Cintra iQ: Personnel Records > Related Documents 

Linked Documents

Linked documents had also been disabled in the new server environment, but these can now be re-enabled via a system preference for those clients historically using linked documents. New documents can be linked, and for linked document records, the location can be copied and pasted into the user's windows explorer bar to open the location or document directly. 

Go to Cintra iQ: Personnel Records > Related Documents > Linked Documents 



November 2022

Payslip Notifications and Publishing


Anytime you publish payslips you can send an email notification to your employees, which says that their payslip is ready to be viewed. For more information, contact your system administrator. 

Publish Payslips in Payroll Workflow

When you set up the actions of Publish Payslip in Payroll Workflow, you can define how many days the payslip can be published before the actual pay date. 

E.g if you set the days to -1, employees can view their payslips a day before they actually get paid. This means that you can publish and send out payslips in a single click. 

Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll > Payroll Tools > Payroll Workflow > Action Setup Button > Payrolls Tab > Publish Payslip 



November 2022

Statutory Rate Updates

As of 6 November 2022, the following Statutory Rates will come into affect. As per HMRC's advice, Cintra iQ and Self-Service has been updated accordingly.

Health and Social Care Levy

  • HMRC has advised that the 1.25%, due to be introduced from April 2023, will now not go ahead.
  • The 1.25% message has been removed from the employee's payslips. 

Class 1 (Employee and Employer NICs)

Cintra iQ has been updated to reflect a new rate of Class 1 NICs for both employees and employers for earnings paid on or after 6 November, for the remainder of the 2022/23 tax year. 
Earnings Band Employee Contributions Employer Contributions
Up to LEL 0.00% 0.00%
LEL to ST 0.00% 0.00%
ST to PT 0.00% 13.80%
PT to FUST 12.00% 13.80%
FUST to UEL 12.00% 13.80%
Above UEL 2.00% 13.80%

Blended Director Rates

  • Cintra iQ has been updated to reflect the new Directors EE contributions of the blended main rate of 12.73% between PT and UEL. Above UEL, the rate is updated with 2.73%.
  • Cintra iQ has been updated to reflect the new Directors ER contributions of the blended rate of 14.53%. 
To view the Blended Director Rates/Bands, go to Cintra iQ:  Payroll> Payroll Setup>  Statutory Rates> Show Blended Director Rates button.

Class 1A

  1. The Class 1A NIC Payable on Benefits-in-Kind (BIK) rate within Cintra iQ has been updated to reflect the blended rate of 14.3 %  for the 2022/23 tax year.
  2. The Termination payments and Sporting testimonials rates within Cintra iQ have been updated to reflect 13.8% for the 2022/23 tax year.


October 2022

Change Employee IDs in Bulk

Now, within Cintra iQ, you can change the Employment Ids of exiting employees. For more information, see How do I Change Employee IDs in Bulk?


October 2022

FE Workforce Data Collection Button 

Now, you can use the Copy Data to Clipboard button within the FE Workforce Data Collection window to copy the Further Education Workforce data into the Template app from GOV.UK, where you can then paste it into the FE Workforce Desktop Application Template.
Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> FE Workforce Data Collection 
For more information about submitting data, see How do I submit further education data? 

September 2022

Standard Interface

New additions have now been added to the standard interface:

  1. Collecting extra information under the Base Data file.
  2. Secondary email address.
  3. Continuous service data. 
  4. Employment status
  5. Work pattern effective date.
  6. Support for updating existing absence records under the absence file.
  7. Support for ad-hoc deductions under the variable payments file. 
  8. Support for email notifications if errors occur while processing any of the interface files. 



September 2022

FPS Previous Year Corrections

Corrections can now be made for employees that were not processed in that previous year via Cintra. This will cover new starters and take-on employees who were not processed until the current year, but need a corrected FPS for the previous year.



September 2022

Payroll Workflow

A reminder that actions can be re-ordered, and your report packs are included as actions, so you can order all of the actions you need to complete, in one block.

To re-order or rename actions, use the Action Definition button at the top right of the Payroll Workflow window. 



July 2022

Date Availability for Monthly Payrolls

Added support for pay date of 29th/30th of the month 

Previously, an explicit pay date of the 29th or 30th of the month was not available for monthly payrolls and pay date had to be manually amended each month. Now the date can be set as 29th/30th. For any existing payrolls where you would like this to be changed, please contact support.



July 2022

National Insurance Rates

The change in the Primary Threshold effective on 6th July was rolled out across cloud and all on-premise clients.

  Please Note:

The new Director’s annual threshold of £11,908 is effective for the whole year from 6th April 22, but this annual figure is not visible in the Cintra iQ NI rates display as it applies to directors only.



February 2022

Salary Sacrifice Pension Report

NI Number has been added to this report for additional employee identification.



February 2022

Company Sick Pay

The Company Sick Pay scheme setup options have been extended to allow for a two year rolling lookback and entitlement period. Previously, the only option was a twelve month lookback period, when dealing with a rolling year.



February 2022

Published Reports - Ability to Remove

Published reports can now be removed from Cintra Cloud via the Archived Reports option. Right-click the report to access the Unpublish option. 



February 2022

Payroll Locking

Payroll locking can now be included in the workflow grid. This can be used for outsourced clients where there is a need to lock Cintra Cloud from any client input whilst payroll is being processed.

You will find Payroll Period Lock as one of the available actions in the Payrolls tab in the Payroll Actions window.
Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Workflow> Payroll Workflow window> Action Setup button 



January 2022

Payroll Analysis Grouped Report

Can now be archived and published directly to cloud. 



January 2022

MCR Updates


January 2022

Pinpoint Integration

Pinpoint Integration is now available and can transfer basic employee details as well as attachments from a successful candidate within Pinpoint, into Cintra iQ.



January 2022

The New Tax Year

Statutory changes have been released in time for the new tax year. New NI categories will be coming in for Veterans and for Freeport areas come 6th April. We are still waiting on confirmation of some rates, so there will be more to come.

There will be a message with regards to the Health and Social Care Levy put up on all Self-Service payslips from April 6th onwards as advised by HMRC in recent Employers Bulletins.





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