HR to Payroll Field Mapping

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Personal Information Section


HR Field Payroll Field
Title Title
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Surname Surname
Preferred Name Not Transferred
Employee no

Not Transferred

IntelliHR ID Not Transferred
Date of Birth Date of Birth



Legal Gender - only accepted as Male or Female. 

Emergency Contact Details Not Transferred 
Work Rights Not Transferred


Payroll Information Section


HR Field Payroll Field
National Insurance Number National Insurance Number
Continuous Service Date Employment Continuous Service Date
Payroll Number

Employment ID 


For new employees added to the HR platform, payroll number will be assigned automatically as the next available number in payroll.




Email Address Section


HR Field Payroll Field
Primary email address

Main Email Address


This email address will receive any notifications from payroll, as well as absence approval notifications.


Address Section


HR Field Payroll Field

Address L1-4








For the details above, the following information is transferred over to payroll: 

HR Field Payroll Field
Company Start Date

Employment Start date


When this is the first job for an employee, a new employment record will be created with an auto-incrementing payroll number based on the sequence present within CintraIQ

Contracted Hours Per Week Post History -> Working pattern-> Contracted Hours Per Week
Contracted Weeks Per Year Post History ->Working Pattern ->Contracted Weeks Per Year
Standard FT Hours Per Week Post History ->Working Pattern Full Time Hours Per Week
Standard FTE Weeks Per Year Post History ->Working Pattern ->Standard Full Time Weeks Per Year
Job eligible for teachers pension Job category (teaching/non- teaching), held for employee via the Post History
Pay spine point salary as Post History->Spine Point Salary Paid As
Payroll Name Will allocate payroll membership. Use a value of 'Not Applicable' if the person should not be joined to a payroll.



The FTE value in payroll can be calculated from the values entered in the hours/weeks fields above if desired, or alternatively the FTE value in payroll can be taken directly from the FTE value entered in the FTE field in HR (see Position Arrangements below). 


Position Details Section


HR Field Payroll Field
Position Title

Employee position title


A new position will be created in payroll if a position title on employee's job is updated. 

Business Unit

Organisation unit 


Will determine the employee’s team when viewing holidays and absence.

Location Pay point
Business Entity



Complete for each job. If an employee needs to transfer between business entities (Employers), then their job must be ended in HR, and a new job created.


Position Arrangements


HR Field Payroll Field
Position Start Date Position History -> From Date
Work Class Not transferred
Pay Grade Position History -> Spine Point History -> Grade
Pay Grade (Step) Position History -> Spine Point History -> Spine Point

FTE in payroll can be calculated from contractual working time data, or transferred from the FTE field in HR (see FTE configuration options).

Work Type Not transferred
Employment Condition Not transferred


Remuneration Schedule



HR Field Payroll Field
Annual Salary/ Hourly Rate

Full Time annual salary derived from grade/step if pay grade is entered.
If no pay grade is entered, the annual salary will transfer to employee payments and rates spot salary heading.


For employees on an FTE of zero, annual salary information will still be taken into payroll and processed with an FTE ratio of zero.

For employees with a Remuneration Schedule Type of Hourly Rate, pay rates will need to be set up separately in payroll, pay rate is not transferred to payroll from HR.

Pay Cycle

Not transferred to payroll.


Used as a divisor (with hours per cycle) for annual salary in HR to derive hourly rate in HR only.

Hours Per Cycle

Not transferred to payroll.


Used as a divisor (with pay cycle) for annual salary in HR to derive hourly rate in HR.

Cost Code

Cost code fields will be configured to match your payroll cost code fields. When enabled in HR, the cost code will transfer to the employee default cost code fields in payroll, with an allocation of 100%.


Lookup Fields

The following lookup fields are automatically updated from Cintra iQ to CintraHR when a new record is created in Cintra iQ

For each of these data items, a new record must be created in CintraIQ with the appropriate definition (i.e. create a work pattern with its day definition, a pay grade with its spine point details). Once it exists in CintraIQ, then the new record will be picked up and added to CintraHR lookup values. This updates happens approximately every ten minutes.

Cintra iQ Data Item Maps to Cintra HR Item


Business Entity


Payroll Name

Pay Grade (with spine points)

Pay Grade (with Pay Steps)

Work Pattern

Work Pattern

Spine point pay heading

Pay Spine Point Salary As

If there are options that do not want to be made available in HR (e.g. a historic payroll may no longer be a relevant choice for the payroll list), then the value can be disabled in CintraHR.

N.B. Once a Pay Grade exists, any updates to salary values must be applied in both CintraIQ and CintraHR, this will not automatically be synched from CintraIQ.

The following lookup fields are updated from Cintra HR to Cintra iQ when a new value is created in Cintra HR and then used against an employee

CintraHR Data Item Maps to Cintra iQ Item

Business Unit

Organisation Unit


Pay Point



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