How is IntelliHR data displayed within Cintra iQ Payroll system?

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Cintra iQ Field Description


A new employment record is created with identifying employment ID, start date, employer and continuous service date if present on the Cintra HR employee profile:


An employee position history record will be created, with a post dedicated to the person, and a generic job title. The cintra IQ job data will reflect the full time hours and weeks worked, and teaching status applicable to the employee.





Additional information about the job or position classification can be held in HR if required.

Employee position history


If a concurrent job is added in intelli, then an additional employee in post record will be created in payroll.


Working Time

The working time record is taken from the Additional Details fields in HR:


Pay Grade and Spine Point

Employee pay grade and spine point are transferred from the HR fields Pay Grade and Pay Step:


Salary (non-graded)


If the employee has no grade for salary, then the full time salary will be taken directly from the salary data entry field in the remuneration section in HR.

The payment heading in use for this purpose will be set in the background, and the salary amount will transfer to the payments and rates screen and FTE will be applied in payroll:



Manager and Organisation Unit


When a supervisor is updated in intelli, the line manager in Cintra IQ will be updated.

When a business unit is updated for an employee in intelli, the employee’s organisation unit will be updated in CintraIQ.


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