Payroll cycle overview

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Use the Payroll Cycle to understand the activities and processes you need to go through to complete a payroll within Cintra iQ, and how these can be completed within the system.


Input Payroll Information

This is the first step in the payroll cycle and this step involves inputting all of the data and instructions needed for the payroll periods you are processing. This might be for example, adding new starters, inputting variable payments, and amending salaries etc.  For more information, see How Do I Input Payroll Information?


Once you have inputted all the information you have, then you need to calculate. The calculation looks at all the information and from that, refreshes the payslips for the period. For more information, see How Do I Perform a Payroll Calculation?

Auto Enrol Employees

This process assesses all employees, identifies any employees who need to be enrolled into the pension scheme, and then performs the enrolment.  An employee is auto enrolled into a pension scheme once their earnings are at a certain level and are not already in the scheme. Every month, you need to check your employees, see who has gone over the threshold and enter them into the pension scheme.  That is why you need to import all of the Gross Pay information, and calculate the results before you can effectively assess employees for auto enrolment. You need to input overtime, hours worked if they are variably paid etc. Then you can make an assessment and decide if there is any one who needs to go into the pension scheme. For more information, see the Auto Enrolment Check List.


 If you do put someone into a pension scheme, you need to calculate, which will refresh the Payslip and take Pension Deductions from them. For more information, see How Do I Perform a Payroll Calculation?

Check and Validate

Once you have inputted all of your payroll information, you need to check and validate your payroll by using reports and other data points. You need to check that all the information is correct, all the required information is entered, there are no mistakes, etc. For more information, How Do I Check and Validate?


If you find that data is wrong, missing or needs to be added, you must input the information, calculate and then perform an auto enrolment assessment in case an employee's status has changed. Continue to calculate, check and validate, and input information etc. as needed until you are satisfied that all employee pay is set properly.


Perform Period End

Once the employee pay is set, you can perform period end tasks. You can give everyone a payslip, send the pay to BACS, and/or print any P45s etc. For more information, see How Do I Perform Period End Tasks?

Perform Month End

Once a month, you may need to perform some month end tasks such as paying HMRC their bill, paying your other liabilities, paying pension schemes, etc.
  1. Your month end tasks and period tasks may be at the same time if your payroll is monthly.
  2. You can also have weekly pay periods, but your month end tasks are once a month.
  3. The month end tasks are may not need performing before you move your payroll forward.
For more information, see How Do I Perform Month End Tasks?

Move Payroll Forward

You can move your payroll forward and then start inputting your payroll information again. For more information, see How Do I Move the Payroll to Next Period?

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