How do I restrict the number of letters generated?

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You can restrict the number of records for which the letter is to be generated. Otherwise the letter is applied to all employees. 
Cintra iQ takes an existing filter that was created in Filters and embeds it into the letter so that when you run the letter, you'll see only those records that fulfil the filter's criteria. E.g If a letter contains a sickness filter, when run, only those employees that have been flagged as sick will receive the letter. 

To target the appropriate task

  1. Navigate to the Letter Definition window.
  2. From the Available Filters pane in the Data Filter tab, select the desired filter.


    These filters were already created in the Filters module. For more information, see the Filters check list.

  3. Add it to either the Include records belonging to All of: or Exclude records belonging to ANY of: panes. 
  4. If necessary, display the latest row of historic data before or after the data filter is applied. For more information, see How Do I Report on the Latest Row of Data Before a Data Filter is Applied?
  5. Click the OK button. The filter is now embedded and is activated when the letter is run.


If a data filter is embedded in a letter, it overrides any record filter that is already applied to the Navigator.


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