How do I embed a data filter in my report?

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Cintra iQ allows you to create and manage your own reports from within the Cintra iQ system. Once created, the reports are then available at the bottom right of Cintra iQ and can be used whenever required. You can create either a Listing or Payroll report definition to suit your needs. 
Go to Cintra iQ:
  • Lower right-hand corner> Reports> Reports window> Listing/Payroll report
  • Menu bar> Definitions> Reporting> Reports> Reports window> Listing/Payroll report
You can filter your records to extract specific data. The system will search for records that contain the field name that was selected in the Listing Definition/Payroll Listing tab as long as the same field name is in the applied filter. 

To embed a data filter

  1. From the Available Filters pane in the Data Filter tab, select the desired filter.


    These filters were already created in the Filters module. For more information, see the Filters check list.

  2. Add it to either the Include records belonging to All of: or Exclude records belonging to ANY of: panes. 
  3. Check the Suppress Records NOT satisfying Data Filters checkbox to view only the affected records.
  4. Click the OK button. The filter is now embedded and is activated when the report is run.

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