How do I create user-defined reports?

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Cintra iQ allows you to create and manage your own reports from within the Cintra iQ system. Once created they are then available at the bottom right of Cintra iQ and can be used whenever required. You can choose to create either Listing or Payroll reports depending on your needs. 


The security model within Cintra iQ is incorporated into the Reporting module. This means users will only be able to see data that match their security profile. 

If you run a report that contains a restricted field, the field remains restricted if you do not have access to view it. The column header will appear, but the data within the column remains hidden. 

For more information about security profiles, contact Cintra's Implementation team.


Once a report is written, it can be saved for either global or personal use. It also has seamless links into both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for ease of distribution and for further data analysis.

In addition to the Report Writer, there are many standard reports that can be used for analysing HR and Payroll data to meet your business needs.


Before you begin to create a user defined report, have a plan as to how you want to use the report. Ask yourself what the purpose is of producing the report and what fields, unique criteria, and perhaps filters you need to group together to achieve this.
Example: If I wanted to see a report on every period of sickness an employee had, I would create a Listing report definition to show all periods of sickness belonging to that employment record.

Where Do I Start?

Use the following as a method of generating a starting point.
  1. Look at the Forms pane next to the Navigator to decide which of the forms you wish to base your report.


    You may have to select a different Folder from the Folder pane to see the desired forms.

  2. Return to the Report window and select the date type from the Data File drop down list.
  3. Return to the Available Fields pane in the Create Listing/Payroll Report Definition window and find the form there. 
  4. Note down which fields you wish to search on and what you are looking for within the fields.

Moving Forward

  1. Create the Report Category.
  2. Create either a Listing Report definition or Payroll Report definition.
  3. Run the report definition to create the report.

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