How do I assign data to the listing/payroll report?

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To assign data

  1. Navigate to either the List Definition tab or Payroll Listing tab.
    Go to iQ: Reports window> New button> Report Type: Listing Report> Create Listing Report Definition window OR Reports window> New button> Report Type: Payroll Report> Create Payroll Report Definition window 
  2. Enter the Title of the report.


    The report cannot be saved unless you enter a title. 

  3. Select the Category you wish to assign the report.


    If no category is selected, the report automatically appears in the Uncategorised category.

  4. Select the desired field in the Available Fields pane.


    The field selection for periodic information can be taken from the Payslip form. It allows you to report on exactly what was in the pay period and includes Starter and Leaver indicators.

  5. Click the Add >  button. The field name appears in the Selected Fields pane. 
  6. Repeat the process as many times as desired using either the  Add> or Insert> buttons. 
  7. Save and run the report. 

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