How do I generate a listing report?

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Cintra iQ allows you to create and manage your own reports from within the Cintra iQ system. Once created, the reports are then available at the bottom right of Cintra iQ and can be used whenever required. You can create either a Listing or Payroll report definition to suit your needs. 
Go to Cintra iQ:
  • Lower right-hand corner> Reports> Reports window
  • Menu bar> Definitions> Reporting> Reports> Reports window
Listing reports produce a list of all the data selected when the report is created. 

  Listing Report Definition

To see a report on every period of sickness an employee has had, you can create a Listing report definition to show all periods of sickness belonging to that employment record.

When creating the Listing report definition, you are able to perform the following:
  1. Assign the data on which to base the report. 
  2. Format individual columns (optional). 
  3. Sort columns (optional). 
  4. Format printing options (optional).
  5. Filter by record and data. 


To generate a listing report

  1. Navigate to the Reports window.
  2. Highlight the desired Listing report.
  3. Click the Run button. The Filter Historic Records window appears.
  4. Select either the AllAs At, or Between criteria to Filter Historic Records. The Filter details are displayed below the selection, for your review.
  5. Click the OK button. The report is generated.
  6. Continue to process the report's output. 
You can embed a filter in the Listing report to include or exclude data when the report is run. The system will search for records that contain the Fieldname data but not show the actual data unless it is already selected in the Listing Definition tab. 


I want to filter all the employees in the Department Headcount report who have a next of kin. Once the report is generated, I can go into the Contact Information form of the employee's personnel record to check the next of kin.



Before you begin, turn off any filters that have already been applied to the report. Because, if a record filter is embedded in the report, it overrides any record filter that is already applied to the Navigator.


To assign data

  1. Navigate to either the List Definition tab or Payroll Listing tab.
    Go to iQ: Reports window> New button> Report Type: Listing Report> Create Listing Report Definition window OR Reports window> New button> Report Type: Payroll Report> Create Payroll Report Definition window 
  2. Enter the Title of the report.


    The report cannot be saved unless you enter a title. 

  3. Select the Category you wish to assign the report.


    If no category is selected, the report automatically appears in the Uncategorised category.

  4. Select the desired field in the Available Fields pane.


    The field selection for periodic information can be taken from the Payslip form. It allows you to report on exactly what was in the pay period and includes Starter and Leaver indicators.

  5. Click the Add >  button. The field name appears in the Selected Fields pane. 
  6. Repeat the process as many times as desired using either the  Add> or Insert> buttons. 
  7. Save and run the report. 

To embed a record filter

  1. From the Available Filters pane in the Record Filters tab, select the desired filter.


    These filters were already created in the Filters module. For more information, see Filters.

  2. Add it to either the Include records belonging to All of: or Exclude records belonging to ANY of: panes.
  3. Click the OK button. The filter is now saved and embedded. It will activate when the report is run.

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