How do I create organisational structures?

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The Organisation Chart in Cintra iQ is a dynamic, interactive mechanism that establishes your organisation structure in terms of Posts and their relationships, and hierarchical groups of Posts.

The Self-Service module relies on the Organisation Chart to determine how the occupants of different posts relate to one another, so that the system knows who to send a leave request to, for example.

There are additional mechanisms available within the Organisation Chart to enable you to set up alternative reports to structures (known as Communication Structures), which makes the system highly flexible, allowing you to, for example, set up various exceptions to the general rule that an employee's line manager is the correct person to authorise a leave request.
Go to Cintra iQ:
  • Menu> Tools> Organisation Chart
  • Toolbar menu> Org Chart

To add the initial structure unit and unit complement

Structure Units are the building blocks of an  Organisational Chart. A unit complement is where you allocate the minimum and maximum complement of  Posts for each unit.
  1. Navigate to the Organisation Chart window.
  2. Right-click: New Organisation Unit in the pane. The Organisation Unit Record form appears.
  3. Within the Unit Details tab, enter a Unit Name.
  4. Select an Employer.
  5. Select a Unit Type.
  6. Enter the Date Established.
  7. Enter a Description, if required.
  8. Navigate to the Unit Complement tab.


    This is where you allocate the minimum and maximum complement of Posts for each unit.

  9. Enter the Minimum complement for this unit.
  10. Enter a Maximum complement for this unit.
  11. Add the Complement Details.
    1. Right-click: New in the Complement Details pane. The New Unit Complement form appears.
    2. Select a Job Title.
    3. Enter the Minimum Posts in Unit.
    4. Enter the Maximum Posts in Unit.
    5. Click the OK button. The record appears in the Complement Details pane and is added to the Org Chart.
  12. Click the OK button to save and exit.

To add more structure units to the org chart

Now that you have created the initial structure unit, you can build upon it.
  1. Highlight the desired unit in the org chart.
  2. Right-click: New Organisation Unit.  The Organisation Unit Record form appears.
  3. Fill in the necessary information.
  4. Continue to the Unit Complement tab.
  5. Fill in the necessary information.
  6. Save. This adds the unit to the desired level.
  7. Continue to create and link the units until complete.


You can drill down through the Organisation Chart by selecting the + button to the left of the nested structure.

To assign posts to org chart

  1. Navigate to the Organisation Chart window.
  2. Highlight the desired Organisation Unit
  3. Right-click: Allocate Posts. The Allocate Posts to [Organisational Unit] form appears.
  4. Select the desired posts in the Unallocated Posts pane. 
  5. Click the Allocate button. The Allocate Posts form appears. 
  6. Enter the Effective From Date.
  7. Enter the Effective To Date (optional).
  8. Click the Yes button. The posts are now attached to the Organisation Unit.

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