How do I generate holiday entitlement records for a new year?

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Within your organisation, there may be different terms and conditions between groups of employees for annual leave. Therefore, you may need to have multiple holiday entitlement schemes to establish full time entitlement. A particular scheme can then be applied to an individual employee.


Although the starting point of an entitlement is the full time, full year entitlement for all employees, a pro rata calculation may then be applied to this full entitlement for part time employees and starters and leavers within an entitlement period.

Holiday Entitlement for a particular attendance category should be applied as necessary to employee records. This can be done on an individual basis or via import. Entitlements can be refreshed for a new year using the Holiday Entitlements window.

To create entitlement records in bulk for the next year 

  1. Navigate to the Holiday Entitlements window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Holiday Entitlements> Manage Employee Entitlements. 
  2. Select the desired Attendance Category.
  3. Enter the Year beginning date for the following year.


     You can only generate the following year's holiday entitlement at one time. You cannot create holiday entitlement for later years. For instance, you cannot generate entitlement for 2021 if 2020 has not been generated first.

  4. Select the Exclude BFWD(s) check box, if necessary.
  5. Click the Calculate Allowance button. The affected Holiday Entitlement records appear.


    The employees in the record list are filtered by your current navigation selection. The list of employees for each record list will be those who have an entitlement to the selected attendance category as at the end of the preceding year.

  6. Apply a scheme, if necessary.
  7. Enter a value to override the days brought forward, if applicable.
  8. Click the OK button.

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