How do I create payroll input templates?

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Payroll data such as ad hoc payments and deductions can be entered into Cintra iQ by bulk using batches. Ad hoc Payroll Period Input data can be holiday pay, overtime, bonuses, etc.
  • The batches of Payroll Period Input data can be either directly entered into a template defined previously or imported from .csv files that have been mapped to templates.
  • Any records that have been generated from a batch can be amended via the batch or in payroll period input.
  • Any records that are in a batch are posted to the employee records immediately once the batch is closed.
  • All batches can be amended at any time prior to the period being closed. 


Cost Centre Allocation data can be included in batches, eliminating the need for manual journal entries to be made, post payroll processing.

Within Cintra iQ, you can create a Payroll Input template, which can be used as the basis for Batch of Pay Period Data. Once the template is created, it can be selected on the New Batch form.

To create a payroll input template

  1. Navigate to the Payroll Input Templates window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Input Templates
  2. Click the New button. The New Payroll Input Template dialogue appears.
  3. Enter the Template Name.
  4. Enter the Description.
  5. Click the Next button. The Payroll Input/Import Template window appears.
  6. Create the column heading in the order in which you want them to appear in the batch window. i.e. to match your input documents.
      1. Right-click: Insert Here. The New Template Column dialogue appears.
      2. Select the desired Input Type.
      3. Select the desired Heading.
      4. Click the OK button.
  7. Continue to insert the desired columns. 
  8. Include Cost Parts if necessary.
  9. Click the OK button. The definition is created.

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