What are timesheet claims?

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The Timesheet Claims menu option in Cintra iQ can be used to post Self-Service Timesheets Claims to Payroll and view previously posted claims.
The Timesheet Groups and Timesheet Heading Sets set up in Cintra iQ's Timesheet module controls the Timesheet claims within Self-Service for those employees who are in a single post or who have multiple posts. After an employee's claim is submitted for approval and is accepted within Self-Service Timesheets, the employee's manager posts the claim and Payroll processes the Timesheet claim for payment in Cintra iQ. For more information about the procedures, see Timesheet Claim tasks.

About the Timesheet Claims window

Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Input> Timesheet Claims



Name Description
Timesheet Group 
This drop-down list contains the Groups within Self-Service Timesheets which define the claim's periodicity and date frames as well as validation rules.
This drop down contains the available payroll(s).
Post Claims into Current Payroll Period
Use this option to post the claim to the payroll, once the claim is approved by a manager(s) in Self-Service Timesheets.
Accept Claims Beyond End of Period
Use this option if you pay in arrears and you do want to post and pay claims that have been entered for dates beyond the end of the current pay period.
Limit Posting Claims up to Timesheet Period End
Use this option to view  timesheet claims that have come in via Self-Service, only up to a selected timesheet period end date. This is useful because even if my payroll pays up to the end of the month , for instance, I can pay claims in arrears  up to the end of the previous month.
Limit Posting Claims up to Timesheet Period End
Use this option to view any previously posted claims.
Employees (having claims) who do not belong to a payroll. This pane displays any employee (typically a new starter) who has entered claims, but who has not yet been assigned to a payroll.
Employees (having claims) who do not belong to a payroll
This pane display those employees who have claims, but do not belong to a payroll.

About the Claims to be Posted into [Payroll name and date] window


Name Description
Step Back
Click this button to clear the last filter applied.
Clear Filter
 Click this button to clear all filtering.
Select All
Click this button to select all claims for posting.
Summary Report
Click this button to produce a Summary Report on totals of the claims being viewed.
Post Claims
Click this button to save and post all selected claims into payroll. This creates period input values for the relevant payment headings and employees.
Once the period input values are created then they can, if necessary, be modified via the Payroll Period Input window for the relevant employee.
Save As
Click this button to save the data, in the window. e.g. for importing into Excel
Click this button to close the window. 
Click this button to return to the Timesheet Claims window. 

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