How do I create tax code uplifts in Cintra iQ?

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It is possible, arising from budget changes that the HMRC will advise you to make a general uplift of employee tax codes. The uplift notice will detail which suffixes are applicable together with the revised rate. Cintra will advise you of the relevant uplifts that you will need to input.


There is usually a global uplift to suffix L codes.

Cintra iQ provides a useful utility, which will apply a specified uplift or reduction to the tax  code of every current employee with a specified tax code suffix (letter).  Because the entry has an effective date in an employee’s record, the timing of performing  this action is not critical as long as it is done in the first pay period before final pay  calculation.

To create a tax code uplift

  1. Navigate to the Global Tax Code Uplift window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Payroll Input> Global Tax Code Updates
  2. Right-click: New. The New Global Tax Code Uplift form appears. 
  3. Enter the tax code's Suffix.
  4. Enter the Uplift value.
  5. Enter the Effective On or After date.
  6. Enter the Received date. This is the date the notice was received for your records.
  7. Click the OK button. A message appears stating: Uplift all employees with Tax Suffix '[letter]' by?
  8. Click the Yes button. The Tax Code Uplift appears in the Global Tax Code Uplift window.
  9. Continue to create each new code uplift separately.
  10. Click the OK button to save and close the Global Tax Code Uplift window.


You can check that the tax codes have been applied to the employee by navigating to the employee's Tax and NI form and viewing their Tax Code History. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment record Tax and NI form Tax tab.

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