How do I rerun the payroll calculation exception report?

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At any point in your processing cycle you can choose to do a full Gross to Net payroll calculation or when working on an employee, you can choose just to process an individual record.


You can run a calculation for the whole payroll, by selecting the Payroll option and selecting the required payroll. All pending changes are displayed, which will be calculated. You can click on the entry to see more detail about what was changed.

Once you have performed the payroll calculation, if there are any exceptions you will be asked to view the exceptions. You should always view the Exceptions report and address any exceptions detailed in the report as required before going on to create a payment run. The report contains Pay PointEmployment IDPerson IDCategory and Detail information which you can archive, print, save and/or email. You can rerun this report once you have closed it.

To produce the report

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll Tools> Payroll Reports> Exception Report. The Exception Report - Select Payroll and Period form appears. 
  2. Select the desired Payroll.
  3. Select the desired period. 
  4. Click the Next button. The Exception Report - Select Exception Categories to Include window appears.
  5. Select the desired Categories.
  6. Click the Next button. The Exception Report appears.
  7. Continue to ArchiveEmailSave and/or Print the report.

PDF Output example

Spreadsheet Output example

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