How do I set up account groups & records?

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Details about Accounting Groups

Accounting Groups allow you to define a structure for a payroll or group of payrolls so that their pay periods are assigned to accounting periods to match the accounting system logic. The Accounting Group defines the accounting periodicity eg Lunar or Monthly. It can be used to group payroll periods together and also define how each payroll pay period is assigned to an accounting period. For more information, see Where are the Details of the Accounting Groups within  Cintra iQ?

Create accounting periods with an accounting year

Before you can produce a Journal of your company accounts, you need to set up an Accounting Structure in order to apply logic to all your accounting journals, and enable pay periods to be aligned with company accounting. For more information, see How Do I Create Accounting Periods with an Accounting Year?


Once an Accounting Group is set up, you will need to maintain it for each new accounting year.


Rename an accounting period

You can rename a period to a descriptive accounting term name, if required. For more information, see How Do I Rename an Accounting Period?

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