How do I display journal data?

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  1. View the journal display details -For more information, see What are the Journal Display Details?
  2. Export journal data for all employees and cost codes - Cintra iQ holds the functionality to produce a costing file that is relevant to your accounting system, so that you can upload the file without having to manually enter the data. For more information, see How Do I Export Journal Data for All Employees and Cost Codes?
  3. Enquire about a particular cost code allocation? - Once the Journal data is extracted, you can set up the Journal Display to see what monies are allocated against the cost codes and how they have been analysed.  For more information, see How Do I Enquire about a Particular Cost Code Allocation?
  4. Create a journal pivot table -You can also generate output files within the Journal Display to either review or export directly to the desired location. For more information, see How Do I Create a Journal Pivot Table?
  5. Generate a Sun Account file - For more information, see How Do I Generate a Sun Account File?

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