How do I place employees into a pension scheme?

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Cintra iQ allows you to create different pension scheme types to enable the correct deductions from both employee and employer contributions. These schemes are linked to payees for payment and provision of output files. They are also linked as appropriate to the pension auto-enrolment functionality so that this process can be managed efficiently.
Once the pension scheme has been created, you can link the employee to the scheme as a member and set the employee contributions.

How I create the scheme membership?

  1. Go to: Employment Record > Forms > Expenses/Benefits. The Expenses/Benefit form appears.
  2. Click on the Pensions & Benefits Schemes tab.
  3. Right-click: New in the Scheme Membership pane. The New Pension Scheme Membership form appears.
  4. Enter the Scheme Name.
  5. Enter the employee's Joined Scheme start date.
  6. Select the appropriate Joined Scheme option. Note: If By Contract is not selected, the system defaults to Not Specified.
  7. Enter the membership reference. Note: This is provided by the pension provider.
  8. Select the Is Membership Active option.
  9. Enter the Part Time Employee LEL Factor, if appropriate.
  10. Select the Apply Earnings Cap option, if appropriate.
  11. Click the OK button. The scheme membership record appears in the Scheme Membership pane. You are now ready to set the contributions for the membership scheme.


If the scheme membership is related to Auto Enrolment, you can perform the following:

  1. Exclude from Auto-Enrolment: Exclude an employee from AE if these rules apply.
  2. Apply Transitionl Period: If the employee is a new starter and if these rules apply.
  3. Default Pension Scheme Part when Auto-Enrollable: If there is more than one qualifying pension scheme, you can select the scheme to which the employee would be auto enrolled when they become an entitled worker.
  4. Current Worker Status Category: When you have run the AE Assessment,  this displays the current worker status category.
  5. Pension Pay Group: This drop-down displays the Pension Groups you have created.
  6. Auto-Enrolment History/Requests: You can view the Auto Enrolment History of a previous pension scheme.

How do I set the contributions for the scheme?


The data that appears in the New Standing Pension Contribution form depends on the Pension Contribution settings defined when setting up the Pension Scheme.

  1. Highlight the desired membership record in the Scheme Membership pane.
  2. Right-click: New in the Contributions pane. The New Standing Pension Contribution form appears.
  3. Enter the From date.
  4. Select the Contribution Frequency from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the Treat As Part Time For Pensionable Pay option, if applicable. 
  6. Select the Applies to A Particular Post option and select the post, if applicable.
  7. Modify the Employee Contribution settings, if necessary. 
    e.g. If the pension scheme is a banded contribution scheme, you could refresh the salary related percentage by changing it to a fixed amount. For schemes where there is a default value held in the scheme you can check to inherit the defaults.
  8. Click the OK button. The contribution record is attached to the Scheme Membership.

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