How do I attach assignments/non-working days to employees?

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Non-Working Days (Excluded Days) are used to record dated events within the system such as Bank Holidays and Closure Days, which the system can use in order to ensure the correct recording of Holiday and Sickness. The dates are grouped together into sets, which can then be attached to the employee's calendar within Cintra iQ. Once the exclusion dates are attached to the employee calendar in Cintra iQ, the dates can be seen in the employee's Self-Service calendar.

To attach non-working days

  1. Navigate to the employee's Time Management form
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment record> Forms> Time Management.
  2. In the Non Working Days pane of the Non Working tab, right-click: New. The Select Non Working Days window appears.
  3. Highlight the desired record.
  4. Click the Select button. The Insert Employee Exclusion form appears.
  5. Enter the date of the period in which the non working day(s) applies.
  6. Click the OK button. The exclusion record appears in the Non Working Days pane. The exclusion dates appear in the employee's calendars.
Within the Post History form, you can assign a post to an employee and attach assignments to the post via the Assignments tab.

To attach assignments

  1. Navigate to the Post History form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment record> Forms> Post History.
  2. Navigate to the Insert Assignment tab.
  3. Right-click: New. The Insert Assignments form appears.
  4. Enter the From DateTo DateProject, and Description.


    You can create project categories via the Lookup table. For more information see, How Do I Add Project Categories to the Lookup Table?

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