How do I add adjustments to a new starter?

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Within Cintra iQ, the Payments and Rates form summarises all payments and pay rates that are applicable to the employee. If payments are being set up via the employee’s post, those payments will also be summarised on this form. 


The form will only show allowances currently applicable to this employee – so will be blank for a New Starter.


To add adjustments

  1. Navigate to the Standing Allowances and Rates window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Payment/Rates> Set up Individual Allowances and Rates tab
  2. Select the Show all allowances and rates headings radio button.
  3. Select the desired Allowance and Rate.
  4. Right-click: New in the blank pane. The New Post Holder Specific form appears for the selected Allowance and Rate.
  5. Enter any from and to dates (if you know the end date), which will default the payment frequency.
  6. Fill in the rest of the form. Depending on the setup of the adjustment you may be able to inherit standard amounts. If this is a value specific to this employee you can enter the Annual Allowance and Cintra iQ will enter the Period Allowance based on the annual value divided by the payment frequency. Alternatively you can just overwrite the Period Allowance.
  7. Click OK button to save the record.
  8. Continue to add any others, if necessary.


    Where you are inheriting standard amounts the setup may dictate pro-rating and/or subject to FTE.


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