How do I record absence entitlements for individual/all employees?

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Cintra iQ allows for the recording of absences on the employee calendar. These absences can either have an associated entitlement, or can be recorded without an entitlement.

 Absence Events

Absence Events can be holidays, where the business may have rules regarding the number of days that an employee is entitled to as holiday and want to monitor the number of days taken and remaining. Alternatively, child sickness, where there is no entitlement but the business will allow time to be taken with or without payment, and wish to record it separately.

In order to record Absence Events, which have entitlements, the entitlement detail must first be set against the employee. 

To set up absence entitlement records 

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Absence Allowances. The Attendance/Entitlement window appears.
  2. Navigate to the Entitlements tab.
  3. Select the desired category.
  4. In the Entitlements pane, right-click New. The Absence Allowance form appears.
  5. Perform either of the following:
    • With scheme:
      1. Select the Scheme.
      2. Enter the Allowance Available from and to dates.
      3. Click the Calculate Allowance button.
      4. Enter the brought forward value, if applicable.
      5. Enter other adjustments, if applicable. 
    • Without scheme:
      1. Enter the Allowance Available from and to dates.
      2. Enter the Contract Allowance. This should be Full Time Equivalent.
      3. Click the Calculate Allowance button.
      4. Continue to enter the other adjustments, if applicable.
  6. Click the OK button. The Entitlement record is displayed in the Entitlement pane.

To set the entitlement details against all employees 

  1. Navigate to the Import File window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: File> Import> Data Import
  2. Select Data fileEmployee.


    This is not the file containing data to be imported, but the general area in Cintra iQ that you want to import to.

  3. Select Table to import toAbsence Allowance
  4. Click the Table Columns button. The Table Columns window appears.
  5. Check to see if the field names in your file to be imported matches the Field names within this window.


    The Field Names highlighted in red, must be in your import file.

  6. Click the Ok button. You are return to the Import File window.
  7. Select the Header Line Present check box. This displays the Source columns as per the selected import file.
  8. Click the ellipsis button to browse and select your .csv file. This imports the file into the Import File's source pane so that you can see the columns of data and map them to the correct fields in Cintra iQ.
  9. Match the Source fields to the desired details in the Destination drop downs.
  10. Click the Next button. 
  11. Ensure you have included all the mandatory fields for creating new records.
  12. Click the Import button. The Error Status column displays OK. And a message appears confirming how many rows have been updated/inserted.
  13. Continue to save the mapping or save the data.


Once the data is imported, you can view their absence entitlement via their employment record Absence Allowances form.


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