How do I assign vehicles to employees?

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Before you begin to payroll company vehicles within Cintra iQ, you must create the company vehicle records and then assign them to employees. 

About the Vehicle Records Usage tab in Expenses and Benefits

Within the Company Vehicle Usage tab you can perform the following:
  • Assign a vehicle to the employee.
  • Add further details to the Vehicle Usage record.

Vehicle Usage pane

This is where you can assign a vehicle to an employee.


This is where you can add further details to the Vehicle Usage record.
For each vehicle usage record, you can enter any further details that are relevant to calculating the taxable benefit. The Details pane contains the following tabs:
Name Description
Payments for Private Use
Use this tab to record any Payment Amount and its Payment Date. Payments made for private use are offset against the benefit charge for the vehicle.
Unavailable Periods
If the vehicle is unavailable, use this tab to record the Date Range and reason why the vehicle is unavailable.
Private Fuel Provision
If the company is providing fuel for the employee's private vehicle usage, use this tab to record the From and To date range, if the fuel is Repaid in Full and any Notes.
Capital Contributions
If an employee has contributed any money to the vehicle, use this tab to record the purchase Amount of any capital contribution and the Date it was made.
Shared Van Usage
If an employee shares the vehicle with an other employee, use this tab to record the Tax Year, Percentage Allocated and any Notes.
Amount Forgone
Once the OpRA is set in the Vehicle Usage pane, you can enter an amount in this tab. 


To assign vehicles

  1. Navigate to the desired employee's Expenses & Benefits window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Expenses/Benefits 
  2. Navigate to the Company Vehicle Usage tab.
  3. Right-click: New in the Vehicle Usage pane. The New Vehicle Usage pop up appears.
  4. Enter the desired From date. This date reflects the start date of when the employee has access to the vehicle.
  5. Enter the desired To date. This date reflects the end date of when the employee no longer has access to the vehicle.
  6. Select the type of vehicle that is being assigned to the employee.
  7. Link the vehicle usage to OpRA, if applicable.
  8. Click the OK button. The vehicle is now assigned. You can add further details to the vehicle usage record when necessary.

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