How do I unfreeze my Cintra iQ session?

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Your Cintra iQ session may occasionally freeze or become non-responsive, preventing you from continuing your tasks. This article provides steps to address and resolve this issue.

For Most Keyboards:

  1. Initiate the Command: Press the CTRL + ALT + End keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. Access the Options: A blue screen will appear.
  3. Terminate the Session: From the blue screen menu, select 'Sign Out'. This action will end your remote desktop connection.
  4. Restart the Session: Now, you should be able to access and start a new session in Cintra iQ.

For Some Laptop Keyboards:

On certain laptop models, the key combinations may vary due to the presence of a 'FN' or 'Function' key.

  1. Initiate the Command: Hold down the CTRL + ALT keys. While still holding these two keys, press the FN key (if present) and then the End key.
  2. Access the Options: You will be greeted with a blue screen.
  3. Terminate the Session: Choose the 'Sign Out' option from the blue screen to terminate your remote desktop connection.
  4. Restart the Session: After ending the session, you can regain access to Cintra iQ and start a fresh session.


If the problem persists or if you encounter any other issues, please contact the technical support team for further assistance.

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