How do I use Bomgar support?

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Cintra utilizes Bomgar's remote desktop software to assist clients directly on their PCs. If our support team prompts you to use Bomgar, follow these steps to allow them to view and diagnose the issue first-hand.

Start a Bomgar Session with Cintra Support

  1. Navigate to the Cintra Support Portal


  2. On the portal, select the Support representative you've been speaking to.

  3. A prompt stating “You are about to start a support session with [representative's name].” will appear.

  4. If you're given a choice between "Keep" or "Discard", choose Keep. If you don't see this option, proceed to the next step.

  5. Locate and click on the downloaded file, typically found in the lower-left corner of your browser window. If you can't locate the downloaded file, click here.

  6. A prompt will ask if you want to run the software. Click Run.

  7. Run the downloaded .exe file. You'll notice an icon of two computers indicating an ongoing connection. Once connected, your representative will initiate the session.

During the Session

  • You can close the Bomgar window anytime after the session starts.
  • The representative will guide you throughout the session.
  • After the session concludes, a message will confirm the session's end and Bomgar's removal from your computer.

Post-Session Actions

  1. Follow any final instructions from the representative to wrap up.

  2. You'll see a confirmation stating, “Thank you for using Cintra Support. Bomgar has been completely removed from your computer. Your computer can no longer be accessed or controlled using this product.”

  3. Please take a moment to complete the provided feedback survey.

  4. Close the support page when done.


Cintra offers support exclusively to existing clients, specifically their HR & Payroll teams. If you face issues logging into Self-Service or myCintra, contact your HR team directly. Unfortunately, we can't assist with these specific concerns.

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