How do I send an email notification?

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What are email notifications?

Email notifications in Cintra iQ are a feature that allows the system to automatically send emails to designated recipients when certain data conditions within the system are met. This functionality is particularly useful for keeping relevant parties informed about specific events or changes, such as the addition of a new employee's record.


The email notification system requires an SQL Server Agent to be configured and running on your data server. The Cintra Support team can provide advice and assistance with this if desired.

How do I send an email notification?

After you have manually run an email definition, you can send the generated email(s) by clicking the Send button in the Email Run window. 
Go to: Workspace or Definitions> Email Notification> Email Definitions window


If you are running an expired qualification email and the employees have been notified, then a message appears stating that there is nothing to do.


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