How do I set the questions for the self-service form?

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In order to view Return to Work Declaration forms and Training Event Feedback forms within Self-Service, you must first set up the forms within Cintra iQ. Each form should contain questions for the Self-Service user to answer. 

To set the questions

  1. Navigate to Cintra iQ: System Administration> Self-Service Forms> Questions tab.
  2. In the Question Group pane, create the Question Group.
    1. Click the New button. The New Question Group dialogue appears.


      For a Training Event Feedback form, the Question Group Name appears at the top of the form in Self-Service.

    2. Enter the name of the group.
    3. Click the OK button. The record is created in the Question Group pane.
  3. Select the desired question group.
  4. In the Questions pane, create the questions.
    1. Click the New button. The New Question form appears.
    2. Enter the Question.
    3. Set the Sequence.
    4. Select the Response Type.
    5. Enter the Description.
    6. Select the desired options for the Self-Service user.
    7. Select the desired options for the Self-Service approver.
    8. Click the OK button. The question appears in the Questions pane.
    9. Continue to create the necessary Questions.
    10. You are now ready to create the Self-Service form

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