How do I submit further education data?

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In order to build reliable data sets that will help improve policies pertaining to staff specialisms, pay, DfE programmes, and skill gaps within the Education sector,  it is a mandatory requirement from September 2022 to collect Further Education workforce data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.
Within Cintra iQ, you have the ability to create the Further Education Workforce Data (FEWD) return. 

Data that can be generated using existing payroll data is derived from:

    • FTE
    • Number of Contracts
    • Annual Salary
    • Hourly Rate
    • Hourly rate contracts for zero hours


      Ensure the Is Hourly Rate for FE Workforce Data Submission is set for any Units and Rates Addition headings used in the submission.

    • Pay Rise
    • Contract Type
    • Employment Start Date
    • Employment End Date
    • Reason for Leaving

Data relating to teaching qualifications and roles that has to be collected and entered into the Cintra iQ database via the Cintra iQ application. 

About the FE Workforce Data Collection window

Within this window, you can generate data and also validate each record. After which you can produce a FE Workforce Data (FEWD) collection file to send to the Further Education body.
Go to Cintra iQ: Tools>  FE Workforce Data Collection

Collection Window

Name Description


You can select the Year to which the return applies.


You can select the Employer payroll to which the return applies.

FEWD Data tab

This tab displays the employee records which contain FEWD data.

Validation tab

This tab identifies those fields within the affected employee's FEWD record, which needs updating in order to complete the file.


You need to return to the relevant import .xlsx file, update the missing information, save to a .csv file, and then re-import before creating a new return file.



Name Description
Retrieve Return 
Click this button to retrieve the data already generated for the selected return period.
Generate Return Data
Click this button to generate the data specific to the Further Education Workforce return for the selected year.
Create Return File
Click this button to create the .xml return file.
Copy Data to Clipboard
Click this button to to copy the Further Education Workforce data into the Template app from GOV.UK, where you can then paste it into the FE Workforce Desktop Application Template.

Submission Process

  1. Ensure that the UKPRN numbers exist in the Cintra iQ database via the Lookup Tables.
  2. Ensure the Is Hourly Rate for FE Workforce Data Submission is set for any Units and Rates Addition headings used in the submission. 
  3. Prepare the Teaching Import template.
  4. Prepare the Post Import template.
  5. Import the Teaching Import template into Cintra iQ.
  6. Import the Post Import template into Cintra iQ.
  7. Generate the submission. 

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