How do I set/stop default OSP or SSP offsets?

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Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) are paid automatically once a calendar entry for sickness has been made, providing the employee has entitlement. All sickness records for an employee are entered and maintained via the Calendar. For more information about SSP entitlements, see
Within the Payroll setup, you can set up Statutory Sick Pay and Occupational Sick Pay defaults. Sick Pay Settings can be offset, if the other gross pay is being paid, then any SSP can be offset against this at employee level.

To set default osp or ssp offsets

  1. Highlight the desired Employer Definition.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll Setup> Employer Setup> Employers.
  2. Click the Open button. The Employer Setup window appears.
  3. Click the PAYE & Payrolls tab.
  4. Highlight the desired PAYE Scheme.
  5. Double-click the desired Payroll associated with the selected pay scheme. The Payroll Details window appears.
  6. Click the Additional Settings tab.
  7. Navigate to Benefit Settings> Sick Pay Settings.
  8. Check the Can be offset option.


    If the OSP is being paid, any SSP can be offset against this at employee level.

  9. Continue to fill out the form.

To stop SSP Offset

Calculate the Payslip.

For more information about calculations, see How Do I Calculate Sick Pay?

Stop the SSP Offset.

    1. Navigate to the Sick Pay window.
      Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Sick Pay.
    2. Navigate to the Statutory tab.
    3. Click the Suppress SSP Offset button. The SSP Suppressed Offset Periods window appears.
    4. Right-click: New in the SSP Suppressed Offset Periods pane. The Suppress SSP Offset form appears.
    5. Enter the Suppress SSP Offset from date.
    6. Enter the Suppress SSP Offset to date.
    7. Click the OK button. The record appears in the SSP Suppressed Offset Periods window.
    8. Click the OK button.


      Within a single SSP period, offset payments will be suppressed from the first Suppress from date and will remain suppressed until the end of that SSP Period.

    9. Calculate the employee's payslip. The offset is removed.

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