What happens at the three year auto enrolment date?

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Cintra iQ has an Auto Enrolment (AE) facility, which takes you through the process of amending a pension scheme set up, defining which payment headings are pensionable and which headings are classed as Qualifying Earnings, running an assessment, and enrolling employees into the relevant Auto Enrolment scheme. Cintra iQ can also manage Opt ins and Opt outs.
Automatic re-enrolment occurs every three years and is a repeat of the duties that you carried out on your Staging date or, deferral date if you used postponement. You must ensure that eligible staff who are not already in your automatic enrolment pension scheme are put back into it. You can choose to change your three year re-enrolment date by up to three months earlier or later than the three year anniversary of your Staging date.
You can define the communication you send out to those employees who are to be re enrolled, using a new letter type within Cintra iQ. When setting up a letter definition, you will see Re-enrolment Notice in the drop down list of Auto-Enrolment Communication types.
When you reach your re-enrolment date, then any employees due to be re-enrolled will be flagged as needing a Re-enrolment Notice communication and will appear in the Employees to be Enrolled tab in the Pension-Auto Enrolment assessment window, from where you can create their pension memberships.
You can set or edit your three year re-enrolment date within Employer details.

To set the three year re-enrolment date

  1. Navigate to the Employer window. The Employer definition window appears.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Employer Setup
  2. Click the New button. The New Employer form appears.
  3. Enter the Employer Name.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. Click the Next button. The definition record appears in the Employer definition window and the Employer window appears.
  6. Navigate to the AE Settings & Information tab.


    The Staging Date record is already created in the Auto Enrolment - Key Staging and Re-enrolment Dates pane. 

  7. Right-click New within the the Auto Enrolment - Key Staging and Re-enrolment Dates pane. Auto Enrol/Re-enrol Dates form appears.
  8. Select the Re-enrolment Date option.
  9. Enter the Actual Re-enrolment Date.
  10. Click the OK button. The Actual Date is displayed along with the Earliest Re-enrol Date and Latest Re-enrol Date in the Auto Enrolment - Key Staging and Re-enrolment Dates pane.
  11. Click the Apply button to save and continue.
  12. Click the OK button to save and exit.

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