How do I enter the pension scheme reference details?

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Cintra iQ has the added functionality of a User friendly Interface which will allow files to be created for certain Pension Providers. In order to set up the Pension Provider Files, you need to set up the file type and Pension Scheme Reference, assign the Pension Provider to the Pension Scheme and set up Pension Groups.


The information required in this article depends upon your chosen Pension Provider, as each Pension Provider requires different formats of this information.


To enter the pension scheme reference details

  1. Navigate to the Employers definition window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Employer Setup
  2. Open the desired Employer definition. The Employer window appears.
  3. Navigate to the AE Settings & Information tab. 
  4. Right-click: New in the Pension Scheme Reference section. The Maintain Pension Scheme Reference form appears. 
  5. Enter the employer Reference


     This is supplied to you by your chosen Pension Scheme Provider upon creation of your account with them. e.g. If you have chosen NEST as your Pension Scheme Provider,  then this reference would begin with EMP followed by 9 numbers. 

  6. Select the desired Pension Scheme.
  7. Select the desired periodicity from the Periodicity of payment over to scheme drop-down list.
  8. Enter the Payment Source, if required. 


    The payment source is required by NEST. This is the payment source of the worker. You will have defined all your Payment Source names to NEST upon creation of your account.

  9. Click the OK button. The pension scheme reference appears in the Pension Scheme Reference section of the AE Settings & Information tab.  


    If you are running multiple pension schemes with the same Pension Provider and/or different Pension Providers, then you can add more than one record for each pension scheme or each scheme provider.

  10. Click the Apply button.
  11. Click the OK button.

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